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High End Custom Jewelry Design

Nora can make or find any design!! The custom jewelry design process at Fagan Diamond Jewelers is about you! We sit down with customers and collaborate to create something beautiful with your own personal signature. Our experience ensures a successful process and stunning result.

Ring Sizing

Improper ring sizing can damage your ring. Our skilled jewelers have the experience to resize your ring the proper way. Whether your ring needs to be sized up or down we have the expertise required. We can often size your ring within 24 hours!

Replace Gemstones or Diamonds

Has your jewelry lost a stone? We can replace it with a fanatastic variety of diamonds or gemstones. Our craftmanship will ensure that your replacement diamond or precious stone will have it looking better than ever.

Jewelry Cleaning

Take care of your jewelry by having it cleaned by a professional. This keeps your jewelry looking great & because we are professionals you won't risk damaging your jewelry. We also inspect your jewelry to ensure that diamonds & gemstones are tight.

Watch Battery Replacement

Don't risk taking your favorite watch to someone who isn't a professional. At Fagan Diamond Jewelers you can rest easy knowing that we takes the greatest care to make sure your watch isn't damaged while being opening or closed.

Jewelry Repair

We repair your jewelry with care. Our repair services include clasp repair, half shanks, retipping, repronging, gold cushions, jewelry modifications and all standard jewelry repairs.